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Cristiano Ronaldo Recent News about His Comeback to Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo Recent News about His Comeback to Madrid. The Cristiano Ronaldo recent news is always interesting to be known. The most recent rumor is about his comeback possibility to Real Madrid. The rumor said that Ronaldo is missing his life with Real Madrid and open the chance to back. Is it true?

The financial condition happened in Italy because of the Corona Virus created a speculation that Juventus will sell Ronaldo. The manager can sell him to get a lot of money after the crisis. That is why; a lot of teams seem preparing from this news.

Unfortunately, the rumor said that Real Madrid is not having any plans to take that mega player back. It can be the bitter Cristiano Ronaldo recent news for the Madrid public. Well, actually Ronaldo still has the good relationship with the Real Madrid Presidents.

Cristiano Ronaldo Recent
Cristiano Ronaldo Recent

The Friendship Relationship in Madrid

There are some reasons why people thought that Ronaldo will not come back to Real Madrid. One of the reasons is because Ronaldo did not have the good friendship relationship with other team mates. He even made the controversial comment about Luka Modric.

It was when Modric won the Ballon d’Or title in 2018. Based on the Cristiano Ronaldo recent news, the mega player just had the good communication with Marcelo, a defender from Brazil. Another reason why Ronaldo will not back is about the challenge.

Ronaldo moved to Juventus because he wanted to get the new challenges. That is why; if he came back to Madrid he would not get that feeling. In fact, Ronaldo also got everything in Juventus. The examples are the fantastic salary and long contract.

The fact is that Ronaldo is now getting more salary in Juventus. The amount of that salary is even much bigger than in Real Madrid. You can say that it was maybe impossible that Ronaldo will think to come back to Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo Recent
Cristiano Ronaldo Recent

Cristiano Ronaldo Recent News about His Transfer

Releasing Ronaldo to other team will have an impact. It was also happened to Real Madrid. It can be beneficial from the business side. However, it can be harmless for the team performance in the future. It was happened to Madrid and for sure Manchester United.

Real Madrid is now struggling to get the achievements just like when Ronaldo was still there. That is why; a lot of people in Madrid really want that player to back. Their dream seems to be true when Ronaldo came to watch the el-classico match sometimes ago.

However, you must be disappointed because based on the Cristiano Ronaldo recent news, he just come to accept the invitation. It was not more than that. The rumor said that now Ronaldo is just thinking about getting more trophies with Juventus as his recent team.

During his performance with Real Madrid, Ronaldo became the top scorer for that team. If Juve will really sell him, Manchester United and PSG can open a chance to bring that player. However, this Cristiano Ronaldo recent news about his move needs to be confirmed again.

Cristiano Ronaldo Recent
Cristiano Ronaldo Recent