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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mystical Jersey Number in Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mystical Jersey Number in Manchester United. Sometimes people will never care about the jersey number in a football match. However, after the number was used by several great football players, the shirt number becomes the interesting thing to talk. One of them is the Ronaldo’s number at Manchester United.

We knew that Ronaldo got the number of 7 for his jersey at Manchester United. Actually, that number felt so special because it was always used by the legendary players. The example was like David Beckham who became one of the most memorable players for MU.

In addition, maybe most of you are curious about the jersey number used by Ronaldo at that time. A lot of you for sure really want to know about the process how finally Ronaldo got that number and more. Below is the further information that we will share.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mystical
Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mystical

The Fear Felt by Ronaldo at the Beginning

In a moment of interview, Ronaldo has ever explained that he was actually felt not so brave to use the number 7 shirt at MU. He was not so confident. In addition, he didn’t want to be under the shades of the previous owner of number 7 at the team.

Actually, at the beginning Cristiano Ronaldo used the jersey number of 28. It was the same number when he was still playing for Sporting Lisbon. However, Sir Alex Ferguson as the Manager of Manchester United had the different opinion about that.

He thought that number 28 was not suitable for Ronaldo. Ferguson thought that Ronaldo was really feasible to get the number 7 at the team. Ronaldo was so frightened at that time. He always thought about it until then he accepted it.

The young Cristiano Ronaldo used that jersey number when he was 18 years old. As time goes by, Cristiano Ronaldo then realized that the number was not bad. It was his lucky number at Manchester United. He then became a new star.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mystical
Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mystical

Bitter Fact about Shirt Number 7 after Ronaldo Left

Ronaldo left Manchester United in 2009. It means that his number could be replaced by other players. It was noted that Manchester United gave that shirt number to 5 different players after Ronaldo left. Those are like Michael Owen, Angel Di Maria, Memphis Depay, and more.

In fact, they did not have the fantastic achievement with that jersey number. The example was Michael Owen. He only made 5 goals for Manchester United because he got the injury. The same thing also happened to other players who wore this short number.

Alexis Sanchez could be the example. It was hoped that he could have the amazing performance with Manchester United by using the number 7 jersey. However, he just made 3 goals in the Premier League in his 32 performance with the red devils.

Until now, Manchester United is still struggling to find the right individual like Cristiano Ronaldo. We cannot deny that Ronaldo was one of the best deals made by United. It is hoped that someday they will find the right talented player to wear the same jersey number like CR7.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mystical
Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mystical