The Shining Cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo Life, the Real Zero to Hero

Cristiano Ronaldo life may be the one proving the case of zero to hero is real. Ronaldo, by all matters, was from a poor family with their poverty issue. Now, people can see him as the most successful football player that has a huge impact on anything. He is the icon of objectifying dreams by overcoming adversity to achieving prosperity.

By having a net worth of $450 million, this Portuguese footballer has enjoyed his luxury world, in and off the pitch. Besides, he has made spectacular achievement by bringing five Ballons d’ Or that is so prestige for the footballer and other 29 major honors as one of the best greatest player ever.

Ronaldo keeps making headlines with every inch of his move. Whether he’s winning the game and achieving a new title or expanding his luxury car collection. Everything will gain people’s attention, alongside numerous army fans across the world. Yes, almost everyone knows him. However, only a few know his story where did all begin.

Cristiano Ronaldo Life; Childhood Memory


Ronaldo was born in Cape Verdean Island of Madeira (known as Portugal) on February 5, 1985, with official name Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. He had though life being in poor family with a gardener father and a cook mother.

Since enrolling in his elementary school, Escola Basica e Secundaria Goncalves Zarco, Ronaldo didn’t have an interest in academics. His only concern was to accompany his father’s side job as a kit man in Andorinha Football, Funchal. Surprisingly, he truly signed up for this football club at eight as an amateur.

Ronaldo was discharged from his school at 14 after throwing a chair to his teacher. He excused that it happened because his teacher making fun of his accent and pointing that being a footballer wouldn’t make him great.

Cristiano Ronaldo Life from Club to Club


Ronaldo registered at Sporting CP player when he was 16. He became the youngest player ever in Sporting CP. In 2003 he signed a contract as the first Portuguese joining Manchester United and is the most highly-paid for a teenager. Fortunately, he proved his skill worth the money. Totally, he gained nine trophies as a Manchester United player.

In 2009, Ronaldo set a move to another big club. He managed to be a Real Madrid player with his exclusive contract. His career kept moving forward by consecutive winning FIFA Ballon d’Or. He particularly achieved an outstanding achievement by becoming the Madrid first goal-scorer that made 5900 goals in total. In 2018, Ronaldo moved to Juventus until now.

Cristiano Ronaldo Family and Personal Life


Cristiano Ronaldo life has so many ups and downs due to his popularity. Ronaldo has four children; one from an unknown woman, twins from an anonymously surrogate woman, and one from his current girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez.

He was accused of a rape scandal, but it turned out that the case was lack of evidence. He faced other issues in the tax evasion scandal in 2017. At that time he was sentenced to fined 18.8 million euros and two years in jail. Surprisingly, the sentenced was reduced by two million euros and he served under probation.

Ronaldo has always been charming with everything he has. But, only a few people know how he struggled a lot and passed so many paths to secure this position like now. It’s a never-ending story to amaze. We truly can learn a lot from Cristiano Ronaldo life to catching our own dreams.