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The CR7 Records in Real Madrid FC to Remember

The CR7 Records in Real Madrid FC to Remember. Cristiano Ronaldo is now not playing for the Real Madrid FC again. He is now becoming the Juventus player. However, Ronaldo has made several records in Madrid and it was hard to be broken by other players there. He is a player with amazing skills.

Ronaldo came to Madrid in 2009. For 9 years in that football club, Ronaldo has made a lot of achievements. The examples are two titles for Real Madrid, 2 Copa del Rey titles, 4 champion league titles in a row since the season of 2013/2014 until 2017/2018.

Furthermore, the CRT records in Real Madrid FC were not stopped at that. There are still some other achievements that we can note. The examples are his incredible hattrick, goals scored, and many more. Here is the information about those records.

The CR7 Records
The CR7 Records

The Most Hattricks Made with the Club

Ronaldo became a goal scorer machine during his time with el Real. It was noted that he also made 34 hattricks in La Liga in his own name. Since that moment, there were none of the Real Madrid players who can make more than 10 times hattrick.

However, that record made by Ronaldo could be defeated by Messi at that time. It was because Messi had already made 30 hattricks for his own name. The next record made by CR7 was making the most goals for the Real Madrid FC because of his skill.

For 9 years in Real Madrid, Ronaldo has scored 450 goals from 438 matches. It means that his goal ratio at that time was 1.03 goals per match. At that time, Karim Benzema could pass that record because Benzema has scored 193 goals.

However, it would be difficult. Other players may need decades to pass that CR7 record in Real Madrid FC. Maybe, that record can be just passed by another player who has the same or better skill than Ronaldo. We just can wait.

The CR7 Records
The CR7 Records

The player with the Most Gold Shoes Awards

Real Madrid became a club with 13 Champion League titles. 4 between those were gotten where Ronaldo still played for that team. From those 4 titles, CR7 has won 3 gold shoe awards. Those happened in 2011, 2014, and 2015. He also scored a lot of goals.

He made 40 goals in 2011, 31 goals in 2014, and 48 goals in 2015. In addition, Ronaldo also played an important role for Real Madrid FC. He had a contribution for the team to get 5 Champion Leagues Trophies during hi moment in Madrid.

During his performance in a Champion League with Madrid, Ronaldo has made 105 goals. Based on the data, there are only two football players who can score more than 100 goals in the Champion League. Another player is Lionel Messi who scored 100 goals for Barcelona.

The records made by CR7 confirmed that Ronaldo is a mega player. He was bought with a fantastic transfer value. However, we can see that it was really worth it. Real Madrid FC did the right transfer for bringing Ronaldo to Santiago Bernabeu.

The CR7 Records
The CR7 Records